Due to the current school closures, we have launched a range of online competitions

These competitions are specially designed and are by invitation only. We have developed a process that ensures the highest levels of online safety.

Schools Online Competition

In response to COVID-19 and schools cancelling and suspending all excursions, we have decided to postpone our Face to Face competitions and move them online in a slightly different format.

We have just finished successfully running a number of these competitions and they offer the students with a great sense of positivity during these challenging times.

Our Schools Online Competitions will run FREE of charge for an introductory period for all schools who sign up before April 30th 2020. After that, we will charge a small entry fee.

Schools who have registered to be part of our 2020 Face to Face National competition will have FREE entry into the Schools Online Competition.

Here's what students and teachers have said about our Schools Online Competition


Parents and Teachers
Online Competition

Yes, you read right... It is happening. 

Parents and Teachers from all across Australia have been asking us if they can compete. Well, the answer to that question is simple...


We are launching an National Esports Competition for Parents Teachers in April 2020.

More details to come but in the mean time, fire up your engines and clock up some training hours on Mario Kart Deluxe 8.


ANZAC Day Invitational

To honour and commemorate the history, spirit and camaraderie that exists between Australia and New Zealand, we have established a friendly online competition called The ANZAC Day Invitational.

Competitors from Australia and New Zealand will compete against one another in their national teams to earn points for their country in a one day, online Mario Kart competition.

The competition will be streamed live throughout the day on April 25th 2020.

All proceeds raised from entry fees and donations will be allocated to the ANZAC Appeal Charity.

Spaces are strictly limited so register ASAP.


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