The FUSE Cup Values

Joining an organised and structured esports team or league is not about playing more video games, in fact, it often leads to a better understanding of balanced gaming. It is very different to playing at home alone or online.

The FUSE Cup provides school students with a face to face, safe, competitive and challenging esports opportunity while also promoting concepts such as Digital Wellbeing, Inclusion and Social Values.

Being part of a team and learning how to contribute towards a common goal is a valuable life skill. This is an important aspect of participating in The FUSE Cup which students gain insight into.
There are 4 overarching values to The FUSE Cup that are our foundation and are in place to ensure that everyone involved enjoys a positive and safe experience that help promote and establish positive gaming habits for younger gamers.

It is important that coaches, players and parents are made aware of these values and that they help promote discussions around ethical esports during school training sessions, at home and during any FUSE Cup events.

Players who breach these rules will be dealt with in accordance to our Behaviour Management System. This process is further explained in our Player’s Code of Conduct documentation.

Further details surrounding The FUSE Cup governance will be provided to schools upon confirmation of registration.


Integrity is at the core of The FUSE Cup. It is a foundational value that is important in many aspects of life. Players must develop personal integrity and self respect, this means not using any negative self talk when things don’t go to plan. They must show respect for their opponents, their schools and the rules of the competition at all times.


It’s totally normal to be upset and disappointed when things don’t go to plan. We get it. However, how we handle that disappointment is really important and can help us develop strength of character and resilience. It is therefore important that all players deal with their disappointment positively during all training and competitive situations.


Gaming is for absolutely everybody and can be used as a tool to bring people together. By being open and including everybody, players learn how conduct themselves and how to interact positively with other players, specifically during game play. It is a FUSE Cup requirement that all players wish each other “Good Luck” at the beginning of a competitive game and acknowledge their opponent’s efforts at the end of the game with “Good Game”.


Encouraging your teammates and showing team spirit and pride adds to the atmosphere of any event. Team captains play a huge role in ensuring their teammates and connected and support each other throughout the heats, semi-finals and finals. Learning to be an effective and encouraging team member is another vital life skill.

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