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Kids Helpline and The FUSE Cup team up

The FUSE Cup are extremely proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Kids Helpline.

The partnership will focus on developing positive gaming habits and a deeper understanding of digital wellbeing for younger gamers. Furthermore, this partnership will see the integration of new and existing Kids Helpline resources into The FUSE Cup competitions around the nation and provide counselling services directly to young gamers.

“The FUSE Cup is immensely proud of what this partnership signifies. We are committed to helping younger gamers develop better gaming behaviours while also improving their understanding of topics encompassed within the overall theme of digital wellbeing.” Said Dan Martinez, The FUSE Cup’s Chief Operating Officer. “Kids Helpline are arguably Australia’s best-known counselling service for young people. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, and together, we can deliver an important and unified message to young gamers and schools all around Australia.”

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