The Federation of United Schools Esports - FUSE Cup is a nationwide network of schools connected in providing young students with an opportunity to participate in a safe, supportive and structured national esports competition while developing positive gaming behaviours and digital wellbeing.

The FUSE Cup:

  • Runs “Face to Face” and Online national schools esports competitions

  • Has two age divisions – Year 5&6 and Year 7&8

  • Is safe, structured, supervised, supportive and social

  • Is inclusive and values focused

  • Is age appropriate using Nintendo Switch games that are exclusively non-violent. No fighting or shooting games are part of The FUSE Cup

  • Promotes the development of positive gaming behaviours

  • Is focused on digital wellbeing

  • Is coordinated by highly experienced, internationally regarded, and well respected educators

  • Has strong links to the education and esports industries

The FUSE Cup is coordinated by leading, internationally regarded and respected educators with vast experience in implementing excellent programs within various school settings. We are committed to providing all students with a fun, challenging and rewarding esports experience.

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