Key information about The FUSE Cup competitions:

  • We deliver esports competitions for schools from Asia Pacific region

  • In 2020, we have two age divisions – Year 5&6 and Year 7&8

  • In 2021, we will introduce a Year 9&10 age division

  • There are 3 competitions a year for each age division

  • Our format is both online and live competitions – currently online for all schools except in Queensland Australia where live events can take place (Sep 2020)

  • Online competitions for all schools outside of Queensland Australia (due to current COVID rules as of Sep 2020)

  • Online competitions are supervised by teachers from both schools in real time

  • Games selected for live and online formats may vary slightly

  • Winners of live events qualify for State Finals

  • Winners of State Finals qualify for The FUSE Cup Esports Masters 

  • Winners of Online competitions qualify for The FUSE Cup Esports Masters

  • The FUSE Cup Esports Masters take place in November each year commencing in 2021

Games in 2020

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San Francisco, CA 94158

Games in 2021


You can join our competition all year round. 

Annual memberships include 3 competitions over a 1 year period from the date you sign up so there's no need to wait.




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