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2021 Terms and Conditions for registrations

2020 saw a huge shift in the way business needed to adapt and deliver their services in different ways. Schools across the world moved their learning online to ensure that students were not missing out on their learning. We did the same. We moved all of our competitions online for areas where COVID restrictions made our scheduled live events impossible. We did not cancel as we couldn't bear the thought of students missing out.

While moving things online was difficult and far from ideal for industries effected by COVID, it did mean that there was a level of continued service. Again, the example of schools fits well here. Many found remote learning challenging and problematic, however, almost every body agrees that remote learning was better than no learning.

In 2021, we plan on hosting our live events as advertised. We are optimistic. We need our schools to understand however, that should we not be able to host our live events, an online tournament will be arranged for those schools impacted by any COVID restrictions within this region. We will still deliver the competition, only in an online format. Again, we hope this does not eventuate but if it does, your school will need to make arrangements to participate in the online event. Schools who do not participate in an online event that has been arranged in place of a COVID impacted live event, will be deemed as a "no show" and forfeit their entry into that specific event/competition. Memberships will not be extended past their 12 month validity nor will credits be applied.

These terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted upon a school's behalf when payment of registration is made.

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