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COVID-19 - Competition precautions

Dear FUSE Cup Community,

As a part of The FUSE Cup Community we would like to update you on the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the precautions we are taking in response.

The health and safety of our Community is our highest priority. We are taking all necessary steps to enhance the protection for students, staff and families.

The FUSE Cup team are meeting regularly to discuss our ongoing response and ensure we have the latest information from health authorities. For immediate and full information on the virus and any Q&A please refer to the World Health Organisation (WHO) website on

The FUSE Cup events will proceed under INCREASED HYGIENE PRACTICES

We are consulting with Australian health authorities regarding precautions and in many cases we are going above the recommendation to minimise risks concerned with COVID-19. We have also increased our hygiene standards including additional sanitising procedures.

Some of these actions for scheduled competitions include:

  1. All students and teachers will sanitise their hands upon entering the venue 

  2. Any attendant who leaves the venue for any reason will sanitise their hands again upon re-entry

  3. Hygiene etiquette and information will be discussed through the day 

  4. Additional displays regarding hand sanitising to be visible during competitions

  5. All controllers will be sprayed with anti-bacterial products at the end of every game

  6. Students will not shake hands at the conclusion of each game, an alternative non-contact equivalent will be applied

  7. Additional hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial spray will be made available during the events

Currently The FUSE Cup is operating as normal with a high degree of caution.

We thank you for your understanding as we work towards providing the safest possible environment for our competitions in response to this matter.

We will keep our Community informed should the situation change.

The FUSE Cup Team

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