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The FUSE Cup x eSafety Commissioner

The FUSE Cup - International School Esports are immensely proud to be working with Australia’s eSafety Commissioner. Our mutual goal is improving online safety and raising further awareness for students, while helping younger gamers have safer and more positive experiences online.

“As an esports organisation that is primarily focused on digital wellbeing, we are proud to be working with Australia’s eSafety Commissioner on promoting online safety. Our commitment to helping younger gamers safely navigate the online world is a priority and something we take seriously,” said Dan Martinez, The FUSE Cup’s Chief Operating Officer.

“The eSafety Commissioner is Australia’s independent online safety regulator. Promoting their resources and services to students, parents and education professionals across Australia is something we welcome into our live and online competitions.”

“As Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, my job is to make sure everyone has safer and more positive experiences online. The FUSE Cup is a great example of how we can use the online world for fun and for connecting with others in a safe way, ” Julie Inman - Grant, Australia’s eSafety Commissioner.

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